Group News

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September 2022

Excited to share our work, "Breaking the tert-Butyllithium Contact Ion Pair: A Gateway to Alternate Selectivity in Lithiation Reactions" available on preprint in ChemRxiv.

We are delighted to welcome undergraduate researcher Jasmine Torres!

August 2022

Make sure to read our first publication "Preparation of Highly Reactive Lithium Metal Dendrites for the Synthesis of Organolithium Reagents" online on J. Am. Chem. Soc.! 

Check out the C&EN article "New form of lithium reacts 20 times as fast as powdered metal" which highlights our first publication!

Our first publication was also covered by ChemistryViews "Lithium Metal Dendrites as a Highly Reactive Lithium Source" check it out!

We are excited to welcome undergraduate researcher Alexis Lugo!

July 2022

Check out our recent News & Views "Antibiotics the easy way" in Nature Synthesis!

Take a look at our recent publication "Preparation of Highly Reactive Lithium Metal Dendrites for the Synthesis of Organolithium Reagents" on ChemRxiv!

March 2022

We are very excited to announce that Andrew Nguyen, senior undergraduate researcher, has accepted a job offer at Amgen! Congratulations Andrew!

January 2022

We are delighted to welcome undergraduate researchers Hai Ly and Alex Sung!

October 2021

We are proud to welcome three first-year graduate students: Leonel Jimenez, Han-Hsiang Hsu, Jeffrey Cragin!

We are excited to welcome undergraduate researcher Donghyun (Michael) Lee!

August 2021 

We are excited to welcome summer graduate student Victoria Shearer!

June 2021

We welcome summer undergraduate researcher Desirée Young!

January 2021

We welcome undergraduate researcher Andrew Nguyen!

November 2020

We officially welcome four first-year graduate students: Jeanette Pina, Danniel Arriaga, Lupita Aguirre, and Levi Litwiller!

September 2020

Dr. Michael Crockett (Ph.D. from Boston College) joins the team as a post-doctoral researcher!

We also welcome undergraduate researchers Jonathan Cobb and Miguel Garcia!

July 2020

The lab is officially open!

We welcome summer student Danniel Arriaga!