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Thomas Group Presentations

Bidentate Phosphine Ligands
in Nickel Catalyst

June 13, 2024

Speaker: Wentao Cen

Going with the Flow:
Synthetic Applications of Flow Chemistry

October 3, 2023

Speaker: Danniel Arriaga

Chemistry of Alkaline Earth Metals

August 1, 2023

Speaker: Han-Hsiang Hsu

Chiral Anion Chemistry

June 6, 2023

Speaker: Cheng-Chun Chen

Metal Stereogenicity in
Asymmetric Transition Metal Catalysis

April 11, 2023

Speaker: Lupita S. Aguirre

Asymmetric Oxidation of Alkenes

February 11, 2023

Speaker: Seokmin Kang

Catalyst Transfer Polymerization Reactions: Past, Present, Future

February 22, 2022

Speaker: Jeanette Piña

Kinetic Resolution: Parallel & Dynamic Kinetic Resolutions

February 15, 2022

Speaker: Lupita S. Aguirre

Dissolving Metal Reduction in Total Synthesis

February 8, 2022

Speaker: Han-Hsiang Hsu

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