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Research Overview

            We are a synthetic methods group that is focused on understanding and developing new reactions to solve some of the most important challenges in chemistry today, from the asymmetric construction of sp3 stereocenters to the synthesis of complex conjugated polymers. Specifically, we are motivated to develop new reactions for the organic synthesis of bioactive molecules. While most of our investigations involve the development of new transformations that leverage the unique properties of carbanions or organometallic reagents, we are also interested in understanding the underlying principles of chain transfer polymerization reactions. Key to developing new synthetic transformations is obtaining new mechanistic insights that drive their conception. In addition to our mechanism driven methodology development, we also develop and use new NMR techniques as well as devices such as multiple injection NMR (MI-NMR) spectroscopy which allows us to monitor and control the reactivity of transient species inside the NMR probe.

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