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Current Members


Andy Thomas

Andy started at Texas A&M in the summer of 2020.

Danniel Arriaga

Graduate Student (Fall 2020-present)

Danniel graduated from Iowa State University with his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a double major in Chemistry in December 2019. There, he worked on developing a synthesis for isothiazoles and the substituent effects of ESIPT fluorophores via Linear Free Energy Relationships under the direction of Dr. Brett VanVeller. In the Thomas Group, he is working on further developing ozonolysis reactions. In Danniel’s free time, he enjoys writing, running, and playing guitar.


Lupita S. Aguirre

Graduate Student (Fall 2020-present)

Lupita completed a B.Sc. in Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Austin and an M.Sc. in Chemistry at Texas State University under the direction of Dr. Christopher P. Rhodes. There she worked on the development of support catalysts using transition metal oxides for applications in fuel cells. She joined Dr. Thomas’ research group in Fall 2020 and her current research interest lies in the development of asymmetric Negishi cross-coupling reactions. In her free time, Lupita likes to walk, bake, and most of all spend time with her friends.

Jeanette Piña

Graduate Student (Fall 2020-present)

Jeanette obtained her Bachelor's degree in chemistry at the University of North Alabama. In the summer of 2019, she completed an REU for chemical engineering under the supervision of Prof. Jason E. Bara at the University of Alabama. While there she worked on the variation of monomer structures in order to understand the properties of imidazolium ionenes. In her last year, she worked under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Coffman on the synthesis of triarylsulfonium ionic liquids. In the Thomas Group, she is working on developing catalyst transfer polymerization reactions. In her free time, Jeanette likes to read and binge watch TV shows.

Seokmin Photo.jpg

Seokmin Kang

Graduate Student (Summer 2022-Present)

Seokmin is from Seoul, South Korea. He completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry at Inha University where he worked on nucleophilic fluorination under Prof. Dong Wook Kim. During his time at Inha University, he also worked on covalent organic frameworks for bioimaging. Seokmin moved to TAMU in the Fall of 2020. He joined the Thomas Lab in the summer of 2022 and is working on developing ozonolysis. In his free time, Seokmin enjoys playing computer games, guitar, and basketball. Seokmin usually plays games and likes to eat delicious food.

Han-Hsiang Hsu

Graduate Student (Fall 2021-prsent)

Han-Hsiang obtained his Bachelor's degree from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, where he worked on transition metal cross-coupling reactions under the supervision of Professor Shiuh-Tzung Liu. He joined Dr. Thomas’ research group in Fall 2021 and his current research topic is on Negishi Coupling reactions. Outside of the lab, he also enjoys chemistry in kitchen, and playing the cello.

CC headshot.jpg

Cheng-Chun Chen

Graduate Student (Fall 2022)

Cheng-Chun is from Taiwan. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the National Central University, where he worked on the oxidation of arenes and benzannulation under the supervision of Professor Hou, Duen-Ren. He joined the Thomas Group in the fall of 2022 and is working on developing asymmetric rearrangement. Cheng likes to watch movies and fun YouTube videos and cook during his free time.

Dillion Chen

Graduate student (Fall 2022)

Dillion is from Oakland, California. He got his Bachelor's in Biochemistry from San Jose State University where he worked with Dr. Madalyn Radlauer on the synthesis of polymer monolith with tunable pore sites to enable tandem catalysis. He came to Texas A&M in the Fall of 2022 where he joined the Thomas Group. Dillion is currently working on developing catalyst transfer polymerization reactions. During his free time, Dillion does lifting, plays video games, and watches anime.

DC headshot.jpg

Hai Ly

Undergraduate (Spring 2022)

Hai is a freshman undergraduate and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He is from Houston, Texas. His research focuses on mechanistic studies of palladium complexes. He enjoys longboarding and listening to jazz. Hai also enjoys cooking.

Alex Sung

Undergraduate (Spring 2022)

Alex is a freshman undergraduate. He is from Katy, Texas. His research focuses on asymmetric Negishi cross-couplings reactions. Alex enjoys swimming and making dioramas. He also enjoys watching TV in his spare time.


Alexis Lugo

Undergraduate (Fall 2022)

Alexis was raised in Houston, TX. She is currently a junior getting a BS in chemistry. She joined the Thomas Lab in Fall 2022 and is working on the development of asymmetric Negishi cross-coupling reactions. In her free time, Alexis enjoys crocheting, embroidery, reading, and binge watch shows/movies.

Jasmine Torres

Undergraduate (Fall 2022)

Jasmine was raised in San Diego, CA. She is currently a senior majoring in Biomedical Science. She joined the Thomas Lab in the Fall of 2022 and is working on the development of ozonolysis reactions. Jasmine loves reading in her hammock on her balcony. She also enjoys working out and is an avid baker.  Jasmine is on the A&M Gymnastics team, as well as multiple TAMU organizations on campus, and does weekly community service.



Lab Dog

Max enjoys chewing model sets and barking at cars.


Lab Mascot

ROESY enjoys enforcing safety protocols and guards the NMR probes.

People: Team Members

Past Members


Michael Crockett

Post-Doctoral Researcher (Fall 2020-Fall 2022)

Michael received his Ph.D. at Boston College where he studied iron-based catalysts for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling in the Byers Group. Michael joined the Thomas Lab in August 2020 where his research focused on stereo- and site-selectivity in organometallic chemistry. Currently, Michael is working at Snapdragon Chemistry, Inc. in Massachusetts.


Levi Litwiller

Graduate Student (Fall 2020-Fall 2022)

Levi joined the Thomas Lab in October 2020 and received his M.S. degree in December 2022. During his time in the Thomas Group, he studied enantioselective cross-coupling reactions. Currently, Levi is working at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in Indianapolis, IN.


Andrew Nguyen

Undergraduate (Spring 2021-Spring 2022)

Andrew graduated from Texas A&M in May 2022 and is from Sugar Land, Texas. His research focused on method development for the elaboration of heterocycles. Currently, Andrew is working at Amgen in Boston, Massachusetts.


Desirée Young

Undergraduate (Summer 2021)

Desirée graduated from Texas A&M in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Her research focused on mechanistic studies of palladium complexes. Currently, Desirée is working as a chemist at Framergy in College Station, Texas.


Miguel Garcia

Undergraduate (Fall 2020-Summer 2021)

Miguel graduated from Texas A&M in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. His research was focused on investigating the reactivity of ozonolysis reactions. Currently, Miguel is working at Exxon Mobile in Baytown, Texas.


Jonathan Cobb

Undergraduate (Fall 2020)

Jonathan graduated from Texas A&M in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. His research focused on synthesizing ligands to control stereoselectivity in organometallic chemistry.

People: Team Members
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